Organizing Tips and Household Tricks

  • Find a glass jar with a lid, place it on your bathroom vanity and store all of your fingernail polish in it.  Now, all of your fingernail polish is in one place, it’s easily accessible and it looks pretty too!

Organize your Fingernail Polish


  • I organized my scarves! I used a hanger I already had and I bought 12 clear plastic shower curtain rings. I hooked the rings to the hanger and voila: An Instant Scarf Organizer. Total cost of the project: Under $2.00!! (depending on where you purchase the rings). Psst…you can usually find them at a dollar store!

Organize your scarves

It’s almost time to start decorating for Christmas. Last year, I made 2 instant Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations by wrapping 2 tomato cages (turned upside down) with Indoor/Outdoor Christmas lights. I used strands of 100 lights on each tomato cage. I used wire at the top of the tree and in a couple of other spots to secure the lights to the tomato cage. I used pieces of wire hangers to secure the Christmas trees in the ground. I already had the tomato cages and I bought the Christmas lights on sale. Each package was $3.99, so for 8 bucks and a little change, I created two trees to add to my outdoor decorations. Pretty cool, right?

Instant Outdoor Christmas Decoration. Tomato Cages wrapped with Christmas Lights.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love celebrating with all of my friends and family; there is always so much joy. It is also one of the busiest mail seasons. Everyone is sending out cards and packages to their loved ones to let them know how much they care. The past couple of years, photo cards have become the “new Christmas card”. My kitchen is one of the places we spend the most time in, so I thought my kitchen cupboards were the perfect spot to display all of the photos that my family receives.  I love being able to look up and see so many people that are near and dear to my family.

I folded wire ribbon over the top & bottom of each cupboard door & secured it with tape to the back of the door. Each photo card is attached to the ribbon with a clothespin. (For safety reasons, I chose cupboards that were not above my stove, just in case a photo card falls down)

Christmas Card Display

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