My name is Colette and I am so GRATEFUL that you have taken a moment from your day to stop by!  I am a wife, stay-at-home mother to 3 incredible children and the creator of Wonderstruck Weddings & Wreaths.

I have an accounting degree with minors in business administration and management. I worked for a property management company for 10 years and loved it! After my husband and I had our first baby, I resigned from my position (April 2009) to become a stay-at-home-mom. It was a huge transition! I absolutely love staying home to take care of my children and I absolutely love being a homemaker. I have envisioned both for many, many years. With that being said, when I made the transition to become a SAHM, I found that I really missed interaction with my peers! When my children were napping or in bed for the night, life became kind of lonely, especially if it was a late work-night for my husband. I needed a creative outlet. I needed something that I could focus on to recharge and rejuvenate, giving me a “new found” energy for my SAHM role.

I’ve always had a passion for creativity and anything business related. 2 years and 2 children later, a light bulb finally clicked (and I wasn’t as sleep deprived :-) ) and the story of Wonderstruck Weddings & Wreaths began.

I opened up my Etsy Shop, Wonderstruck Weddings & Wreaths, in November 2011. I brought my mother on board to create all of the AMAZING silk pieces.  She has over 25 years experience in floral design, specializing in silks. I create the baskets, burlap wreaths, yarn wreaths and deco mesh wreaths.

I have had a desire to start a blog for “Wonderstruck” for quite some time, but being a SAHM of three little ones doesn’t allow much extra time for all of my ideas, so I knew I would need to do everything in baby steps. Learning how to open an Etsy Shop and actually building one consumed most of my free time. The blog always got put on the back burner. My Etsy Shop has been opened for a little over a year, so I have learned the ropes, filled my shop, and interacted with SO many wonderful customers and people! After a really busy 2012 Christmas season, free time at night started to creep back in. It was time to put some of my energy into ideas for a website.

This blog is a spot where I will promote products I love, share stories, ideas, pinterest inspired projects, recipes, inspirational quotes and MUCH more.

WonderstruckWW is a PASSION of mine. It makes my HEART SING! I love having the chance to interact with so many lovely people. Having a creative outlet has been more REWARDING than I could ever have DREAMED. I hope you can see the JOY in this blog!

Thank you so much for stopping by!! I hope you find something that interests you!