Yarn Hearts

What you will need: Wax Paper Plastic Placemat (not necessary, but nice to have) Black Sharpie Yarn ( For us, the thinner the yarn, the better the hearts kept their shape in the end) Disposable Plastic Container or Cup ( I used a plastic food storage container found in the grocery store next to food […]

Crafting With Kids (Valentine’s Day)

There are days when my kids will spend hours crafting and it’s heavenly! I like to show them how to do certain projects based on the season we are in. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought it we be cool if we created some masterpieces using hearts. I put a little music on, pulled out […]

Treats for Thanksgiving – Oreo, Chocolate and Pretzel Turkey Treats

Today, my kids and I made cute lil’ turkeys.  I am constantly trying to come up with different ways to keep my children engaged throughout the day. It has been one of those weeks (yes, I know it’s only Tuesday 😉 ), but Lord knows we’ve needed all of the engaging we can get this […]

Salt Dough Ornaments

  My kids have always loved Play-Doh. I remember opening my first container of Play-Doh as a mother, and the smell of it took me straight back to when I was a little girl. Clearly, it was a smell I hadn’t forgotten. You would have thought I was smelling a new perfume, or my favorite candle, […]

Fall Craft Projects Your Kids Will Love

My kids love to craft. I have a 3 year-old boy and a 4.5 year-old girl and crafting is something we do a lot. My 3 year-old boy is finally starting to show a ton of interest in it.  He now joins my daughter in her hours of crafting. It wasn’t always that way. In the past, […]

{Crafting with Kids} Fall Leaf Wreaths

I LOVE Fall. It’s crazy, because I LOVE summer too, but after a few months of summer sun and a super busy schedule, I long for fall. It feels laid back to me. I love the crisp air, changing leaves, cozy sweatshirts, boots, scarves, cider, pumpkins and campfires. I feel blessed to be able to experience the changing […]

Crafting with my Kids

I knew for a long long time that I wanted to be a mother. I had a class called “Marriage” back in high school. One of our projects was to plan out the life we wanted to live. My plan was to go to college and meet the man of my dreams, marry shortly after […]